What is a veneer?


A veneer is a thin layer of tooth coloured material which is placed over the front surface of a tooth It is like a false fingernail that fits over a nail. The materials used may be porcelain, composite or different dental ceramics which are tooth coloured.


What are the advantages of veneers?

Veneers make teeth look natural and healthy, and because they are very thin and are held in place by dental cements and usually very little preparation of the tooth is required.

When would I need a veneer?

Veneers can change the colour, shape and position of teeth. A veneer can make a fractured, worn down or a heavily restored tooth look intact again, improving your smile and aesthetics.

How are teeth prepared for a veneer?

Some of the shiny outer enamel surface of the tooth may be removed, to make sure that the veneer can be bonded permanently in place later. The amount of enamel removed is tiny and will be the same as the thickness of the veneer to be fitted, so that the tooth stays the same size. Once the tooth has been prepared, the dentist will take an ‘impression’. This will be given to the dental technician, along with any other information needed to make the veneer. The colour of the surrounding teeth is matched on a shade guide to make sure that the veneer will look entirely natural.

How long will it take?

A veneer takes at least two visits; the first to prepare the tooth and the second to fit it. Bonding a veneer in place is done with a dental adhesive cement which holds it firmly on the tooth.

How long will a veneer last?

Veneers can last for many years if cared for correctly, but they can chip or break, just as your own teeth can.